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Speed Controllers

AE Series
Bansbachs Specialty dampers are a superior alternative to coil springs or rubber bump stops for energy absorption and linear deceleration. We offer many different models from mild to extreme. Our specialty dampers are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, from a simple cabinet door, to the corrosive environments of the medical field, or the extreme environment of industrial machine equipment. Bansbach specialty dampers are designed to absorb the impact with no bounce back. This steady, gradual deceleration allows faster cycle rates, increased equipment life, and higher production rates while reducing maintenance expenses.
ModelStroke mmThrust N
Min - Max
Force N
Min - Max
Returning time SMax eccentric angle °Weight kg
AE-020019ASP 19.1 22-1779 4.69-9.56 0.65 2 0.13
AE-025025ASP 25.4 62-3559 10.67-30.56 0.85 2 0.30
AE-025040ASP 40 67-3559 10.67-32.92 0.95 2 0.39
Range of use/Range of Control
Range of use/Range of Control