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MRF Damper

ftr-g2 rotary damper
Bansbach MRF dampers function through the use of Magneto-rheological fluid. MR Fluid is a functional fluid that can be instantly changed between a free moving liquid to a semi-solid state by varying an applied magnetic field. MR fluid has a wide damping range due to formation of chain type clusters of iron particles when induced by a magnetic field in the damping fluid. This action gives the damper an infinitely adjustable damping torque range and lightning-fast response time.
ftr-g2 damping characteristics
The rotating shaft is supported with the bearings for providing the freedom of rotation in the main unit casing. A coil is implemented in the main unit casing, and a rotor having the shape of a cup is mounted on the rotating shaft. There is a gap between the internal surface of the main unit casing and the external surface of the rotor. The MR fluid is filled in this gap. When a current is supplied to the coil, a magnetic field line runs through the gap between the main unit casing and rotor, and a magnetic force flows in the MR fluid. When a magnetic force flows in the MR fluid, the iron powder is linked like a chain and the friction force of iron powder generates a force to restrict the rotation between the main unit casing and rotor.
  • Torque Electrically controlled by using MR fluid (magnetic-rheological fluid)
  • Eexcellent response due to fast electric operation
  • Flexible mounting in any direction
  • No pre-conditioning required.
  • Small differences between the static friction and dynamic friction allows for smooth actuation.
  • Sealing structure produces a long service life.
  • Seamless & stepless torque control.
  • Low susceptibility of temperature affect.
  • Low susceptibility of rotational speed affect.